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Monitoring System
Smart Parking System
section usage test regular inspection precision safety inspection
periodic time of inspection After initial installation Periodic after usage test 10 years after initial installation
period of validity 3 years 2 years 4 years
relevant regulations Article 19 of the parking lot Act 10/ Article 12 of the enforcement decree 3 Article 19 of the parking lot Act 22
    • Reduce the error and failure rate by system stabilization
    • Lower cost of replacing parts by using the latest parts
    • Use the latest touchscreen to simplify in and out operation system
    • Available in and out of SUV and the latest vehicle
    • Reduce noise by changing of installation material and method
    • Improving safety system and external design to eliminate denial of use
    • Packing count can be changed
Daese Building
Before construction
Under construction
After construction
Sejong Building
Transaction completed
Seongnam Building
Transaction completed
Geumja Tower Building
Transaction completed
For Safety and Convenience of Our Customers
Secured Higher Stability Compared to Other Parking Facilities Lower Noise,
Improved Entrance/Exit Speed, Supports More Types of Vehicles