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To provide answer to customer inquiry and feedback on products, we would like to collect your personal information as follows.
Collecting Personal Information
Purpose of Collection and Utilization
Retention and Utilization Period
Name, Contact, E-Mail, Building Address,Company Name (In English)
Processing of product feedback and product quotation inquiry. Guide on result of product-related complaint and issues.
Personal information will be disposed immediately after informing the result to customer.
Consent on Personal Information Commission

The company commits personal information handling work for service usage contract, repair service, incidental businesses, customer convenience, and management and analysis of personal information. For consignee, we regulate and manage compliance to related regulations and guides, confidentiality of information, prohibition on offering information to the 3rd party, liability for accidents, and immediate return/disposal of personal information after consigned period in accordance with “Agreement on Consignment”
Supplied Subject
Supplying Items
AJ Automated Parking Services
Name,Contact,E-Mail,Building Address
Processing of maintenance issues and answering on inquires
Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (English Ver.)
Name, Contact, E-Mail, Company Name
Check on business credit rating
* You have the right to deny the collection and utilization of personal information. However, you may not use customer services without consent.

You may apply after consenting on personal information collection and utilization.
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